Leaders of Russia and Cuba meet to strengthen ties

MOSCOW – Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel met with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to strengthen ties between the two countries. The joint statement the leaders released was mainly directed against the United States, as Cuba is still suffering from economic blockades from the United States. During the Cold War, Cuba and Russia were ideological allies.

As US National Security advisor John Bolton hailed the victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, calling him and the recently elected Colombian president Ivan Duque “like-minded leaders” who promise a “positive sign for the future of the region”, Cuban president Diaz-Canel met with president Putin in Russia. Bolton during his speech, had named Cuba as part of a Latin-American “troika of tyranny”, along with Venezuela and Nicaragua.

During the meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow, the leaders of Cuba and Russia promised to strengthen ties and issued the United States to lift the economic blockade it has currently imposed on Cuba. Both Putin and Diaz-Canel warned for United States interference “into domestic affairs of sovereign nations” in Latin-America.

Putin also spoke about the modernizing the Cuban military, promising a 43-million-dollar loan. The Cuban minister of defense will travel later to Moscow, to finish the deal. During the Cold War, Cuba received billions of dollars do boost its economy and military.

As the leaders spoke about closer ties between Latin-American countries and Russia, while US National Security advisor John Bolton spoke in Miami about the recently elected right-wing presidents in Latin-American heavyweights Brazil and Colombia, the ideological lines between the Russia supported left and United States supported right in the continent have been drawn once again.

Countries such as Paraguay and Chile earlier elected rightwing presidents, while Russia and Putin still openly supports the Venezuelan Maduro administration.

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