Lollapalooza Chile 2019: 10 Chilean artists you can’t miss

SANTIAGO – Lollapalooza Chile returns Mar. 29-31. The festival brings together renowned Chilean musicians, who have become important ambassadors of the national culture. Chile Today presents 10 you can’t miss.

It’s back! Lollapalooza Chile (LollaCL). From Friday, Mar. 29 to Sunday, Mar. 31, thousands of people will chant, shout, and enjoy the various shows that will be held in O’Higgins Park in Santiago.

As always, you can find great international artists in the lineup, which this year range from the multi-Grammy winner rapper Kendrick Lamar, to the musical icon, Lenny Kravitz, to the British pop star Sam Smith, to the inimitable meteor Post Malone.

But, to many, even more important than these international stars are the Chilean artists who will take the stage at this festival. While some “repeat the dish,” others are making their LollaCL debut. Either way, here are 10 you can’t miss:

Los Tres

One of the most important bands in Chile, Los Tres, returns to LollaCL three years after their performance in 2013. With more than 10 albums to their credit, this band led by Álvaro Henríquez and influenced by rock, jazz, and even the cueca (a Chilean folkloric genre par excellence), promises a show full of classics such as, “Un amor violento,” “He barrido el sol,” and “La torre de Babel.”

Los Tres will be performing on the Banco de Chile stage, on Friday, Mar. 29, at 4 p.m.

Francisca Valenzuela

Francisca Valenzuela, a self-described singer, composer, poet, designer, and entrepreneur, with more than 10 years in the music industry, has positioned herself near the top of Chilean pop. With three albums and a fourth on the way—to be released later this year—Valenzuela returns to LollaCL for a third time, after successful performances in 2011 and 2014. Her latest single, “Ya no se trata de ti,” is currently being promoted. The artist promises an innovative show accompanied by screens, lights, a lot of dancing, and above all else a powerful voice.

The “Fran” takes the VTR stage on Friday, Mar. 29, at 3 p.m.

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Only 21 years old, Claudio Montaño, known as DrefQuila, is one of the Chilean “debutants” of LollaCL. But don’t be fooled. He too has nearly 10 years in the business, because he started his career when he was only 12. He had become one of the greatest exponents of national urban music. He is identified mainly as a trap artist, and among his influences are rap and freestyle. He will take the stage a few days after receiving a platinum record for “Fuego,” one of his biggest hits.

You can see him on the Lotus stage, on Friday, Mar. 29, at 1:45 p.m.


Young DJ Adolfo Sistek mesmerizes with Chilean electronic music. His style is called “Tropical house” and he seeks with his sounds to create a relaxed atmosphere for his listeners. The 23-year-old Chilean, who started his career creating remixes for artists from the underground scene, has since made his name as an international artist, and worked with the likes of XY & O from Wales. Today, one of his biggest singles, “Pitfalls,” has more than 6 million views on Spotify.

The DJ will take command of the Perry’s stage on Friday, Mar. 29, at 1 p.m.

Ases Falsos

Known as Fother Muckers in their early days, Ases Falsos officially began their career in 2011, but it was 2012 that they caught the attention of the Chilean music scene with their album, “Juventud Americana.” Today they have four albums under their belts, the last one released in 2018 and titled, “Mala Fama.” This rock band returns to LollaCL after a two-year hiatus.

They appear on the Acer stage, on Saturday, Mar. 30, at 3 p.m.

Paloma Mami

With only three official singles, Paloma Mami has become a sensation in Chile. With over 4 million monthly views on Spotify, this new trap diva became known after the success of her first single, “Not Steady“—which already exceeded 38 million views on YouTube—and she promises to make the audience sing in her first performance at LollaCL.

Paloma Mami is performing on the Lotus stage, on Saturday, Mar. 30, at 6:15 p.m.

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This “supergroup” consists of the former members of Los Bunkers (brothers Francisco and Maurico Durán), the former members of Chancho en Piedra (brothers Felipe and Pablo Ilabaca), and Pedropiedra. The band arrives at LollaCL just days after having released it single, “Loro.” It mixes sounds from pop, rock, Andean music, and folklore.

Pillanes will step onto the Lotus stage right after Paloma Mami—on Saturday, Mar. 30, at 7:15 p.m.

Frank’s White Canvas

The two in charge of opening the festival are Francisca Torés and Karin Aguilera. According to the festival’s website, their band name “comes from the metaphor of seeing life in each moment as a white canvas, without limitations or lines.” They will be performing for the first time at LollaCL, with only 2 EPs and 4 years in the business. Theirs is a powerful, evocative mix of rock and pop. In 2018 they were part of the Mad Cool festival, where they had the opportunity to share the stage with Tame Impala and Depeche Mode, among others.

Frank’s White Canvas appears on the Banco de Chile stage, on Friday, Mar. 29, at 12:30 p.m.

Ana Tijoux

One of the biggest names in the Chilean music scene, Ana Tijoux, was part of the Chilean hip-hop band MC Makiza in the 1990s. A feminist and activist, she has a powerful voice, and her lyrics are full of protest and social content. With 5 albums, and standout songs “1977,” “La bala,” and “Sacar mi voz,” Ana Tijoux has the ability to mix sounds from different places and bring them together in classic hip-hop. Winning a Latin Grammy in 2014 and 6 nominations, Ana Tijoux is one of the greatest urban musicians in Latin America.

Ana Tijoux takes the Aldea Verge stage on Sunday, Mar. 31, at 8:45 p.m.


Francisca Bascuñan Vial, better known as Entrópica, started her career in 2012 after leaving her former band Le Fruto. Dedicated mainly to electro-pop and indie, she has 3 albums as a solo artist. She recently released her latest single, “Desde aquí,” which she will almost certainly perform at LollaCL. Interesting and diverse, Entrópica has generated noise for her music and activist videos, in collaboration with other artists such as Me Llamo Sebastián.

Entrópica promises to bring all the sound of indie pop to the Heineken stage on Friday, Mar. 29, at 5:30 p.m.

Other Chileans  

In addition to these 10, many other national artists will be performing at the festival.

  • Friday, Mar. 29: Playa Gótica, Bronko Yotte, Amanitas, Dj Raff, Foji, Los Pulentos, Ángel Parra y Los Retornados, Subhira, Druvaloop, Compadre, Dj Tressor, Red Rabbit, and Fernanda Arrau.
  • Saturday, Mar. 30: Zaturno & Sole, Humboldt, Flak, Dj Who, Gianluca, Tomasa del Real, Americo, Kingo Roots & Ras Kadhu, Rubio, Nova Materia, Valesuchi, Los Frutantes, Goldenrat, Pol del Sur, and Isa Rojas.
  • Sunday, Mar. 31: Fiskales Ad Hok, Gepe, Adelaida, Cigarbox Man, Polimá Wescoast, Joe Vasconcellos, La Floripondio, Natalia Contesse, Keko Yoma, Newen Afrobeat, Sophi Lira, Sinergia Kids Game, Fantasma, Marcela Thais, and Jefe Indio.

Here you can check the different schedules and stages where the Chileans artists and others will be performing.

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