Lollapalooza Chile 2019, a nearly guilt-free music festival

SANTIAGO – Lollapalooza Chile is launching a new motto of sustainability and accessibility this year. The festival is also adding more space and using it to promote inclusion, composting, and solar energy. An innovative format is just one more step organizers are taking to try to make this a zero waste, sustainable, and accessible event.

Since 2011, Lollapalooza Chile has pursued sustainability as a goal, and over the years it has also promoted a variety of eco-friendly initiatives, such as Aldea Verde (“Green Village”), Carbono Neutral (“Carbon Neutral”), Eficiencia Energética (“Energy Efficiency”), and Rock & Recycle. This year, additional accessibility accommodations also add to the magic.

Aldea Verde

The Aldea Verde project unites different dimensions of sustainability. It has four main pillars:

  • carbon footprint
  • energy efficiency
  • recycling
  • nature conservation.

These topics will be promoted and encouraged in a new 9 hectare space that brings the total area of the festival to 39.

Aldea Verde Stage by Engie Chile

For the first time in the history of Lollapalooza worldwide, the festival in Chile will also feature a stage that is 100% solar powered. A field of 240 solar panels will supply the electricity for the stage’s audio, lights, and screens.

Axel Leveque, the CEO of Engie Chile, an energy solutions company that helped with the stage, spoke about the initiative: “It motivates us to bring closer to the citizens ways of cleaner and sustainable energy.”

Lotus, the production agency for Lollapalooza Chile, added, “The qualitative jumps of Lollapalooza and the production agency in relation to sustainability, are looking to bring the message to all industries in Latin America that it is in fact possible to generate massive events, of high commercial and cultural impact, without having to leave behind the care of the planet in each phase of the production chain.”

The solar-powered stage is in the new area of the festival, right next to Kidzapalooza (a special area for children) and the Aldea Verde expo, Futuro Presente (“Future Present”).

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Future Present Expo

Futuro Presente is a new format for the expo, with interactive experiences guided by key actors looking to change and empower our planet’s green conscience. The subjects will deal with carbon footprint, plastic recycling, organic products, energy efficiency, and nature conservation.

Rock & Recycle

Rock & Recycle has been a Lollapalooza Chile staple for years. The main goal is to have a festival with zero waste. Each year the festival proposes new challenges along the path to becoming a “100% recycling” festival.

Among other things, volunteers are chosen through a recycling competition to roam the festival and educate and poll festival attendees on the subjects of carbon footprint and environmental care.

This year, the initiative also officially adds composting. Together with Lay’s Artesanas and its compostable containers, Lollapalooza Chile has placed compost points all around the park to collect organic waste. The leftovers collected will then be sent to an industrial recycling plant that generates compost.


Accessibility and inclusion

Lollapalooza Chile has also developed various ways to make sure no one is left out of the festival—literally or figuratively.

All around the park will be 900 meters of routes with Wienecke modular floors. These floors are impact resistant but flexible, and they make the festival easier to navigate for strollers, wheelchairs, and people of all ages with mobility issues.

Since 2016, Lollapalooza Chile has also included sign language interpreters for those with hearing problems,  as well as visibility platforms for those with poor vision. Service dogs are also allowed into the festival with their owners.

Chilean street performers

A stage named Escenario Callejeros (Street Scene), near the food garden, will be devoted to Chilean street artists of all styles.

The biggest and the best?

Lollapalooza Chile 2019 is one of the biggest festival yet for Chile. In 2018, after a third day was added, total attendance reached 250,000. This year’s new stage and additional space also promise to make it the best. Headliners such as Kendrick Lamar and Lenny Kravitz (Mar. 29), Twenty One Pilots and Post Malone (Mar. 30), and Arctic Monkeys and Sam Smith (Mar. 31), and many others will play during the festival’s 3-day run.

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