Lula pulls out of presidential race in Brazil, setback for Bolsonaro

BRASILIA – After a week that shook the presidential elections in Brazil, the chances of two frontrunners have changed significantly. Lula, favorite for the elections, has pulled out after being barred from running. Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing politician who got stabbed last week, is not sure to return in the presidential campaign.

Although being convicted for corruption, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was president of Brazil before, has pulled out of the elections. His campaign for the presidential elections was overshadowed by his legal battle to compete as candidate, while he was already in jail. Last week the electoral court decided to finally ban Lula, who was a favorite to win the elections that are to be held the 7th of October. Although his legal team still fights the sentence in the Supreme Court, Lula decided to withdraw as it was just hours before the final registration of the presidential candidates. The Workers´ Party instead registered Fernando Haddad, as a failure in the appeal of Lula in front of the Supreme Court could mean the Workers´ Party would be without candidate. Haddad is a former mayor of Sao Paolo, and by far not as popular and well-known as Lula. Still, the party hopes that by backing Haddad, Lula can convince his voters to cast their vote to Haddad.

Brazil: Lula’s presidential ambitions vanish over court ruling

Setback for stabbed candidate

Meanwhile, Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right wing candidate who got stabbed last week during a campaign event, is still on intensive care. Although doctors and family members in earlier releases stated that he was ´fine under circumstances´, later reports stated the candidate had lost 40% of his blood after suffering a wound to his intestines.

Although Bolsonaro isn´t expected to appear on any campaign events before the elections, the stabbing increased his popularity, according to polling stations. Around 25% of the Brazilians would now vote for him. With less than a month before the presidential elections in Brazil, it already promises to become a historical race in the South-American country.

Brazil: presidential candidate gets stabbed during campaign event


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