Macron Invites Piñera As First Chilean President Ever To G7 Meeting

SANTIAGO/PARIS – President Sebastián Piñera will take part in the G7 meeting in August. French agency France Diplomatie said that Chile’s foreign minister Roberto Ampuero and his French colleague Jean-Yves Le Drian met on May 27 to prepare the meeting. The Chilean presidency’s press office said that Piñera will be the first Chilean president that has been invited to the meeting.

When the leaders of Germany, Canada, France, the US, Japan, Italy and the UK meet on August 25 in the French town of Biarritz, they will listen to a speech by Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera. The French foreign ministry said that President Emmanuel Macron invited his Chilean counterpart.

Speaking About…

Piñera will talk about democracy promotion, human rights, respect for the law, and fundamental liberties, according to the presidency’s press office. The office did not specify if Piñera will talk about these topics in the context of the Mapuche struggle, in which Chilean institutions like local police forces and the interior ministry, among others, have sabotaged all these norms.

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In his invitation, Macron highlighted Chile’s willingness to host the COP25 climate summit in December. Originally, the summit was to take place in Brazil, but with the election of Jair Bolsonaro anti-science fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists as well as agribusiness gained massive influence. Consequently, Piñera’s ally Bolsonaro scratched the summit.

The presidency also said that Macron mentioned Chile’s measures to promote entrepreneurship, through initiatives like Start Up Chile. Country’s like Germany could take a page or two from these initiatives.


After Brazil, Chile is France’s second most important Latin American market. Last year’s trade between the countries reached US$ 2.2 billion, while 240 French companies create around 48,000 jobs in Chile. The Latin American country is also the primary regional market for European aeronautical giant Airbus.

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