Maduro: “Chile is victim of a campaign against the Bolivarian revolution”

SANTIAGO – A video appeared on Twitter, where Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro calls Chileans “victims of a campaign against the Bolivarian revolution”. The government of Chile was quick to respond, in the person of Minister of Foreign Affairs Roberto Ampuero. He said that Maduro should “talk with his own people”.

In an era of social media platforms and digital communication, leaders of nations address the people of other countries in videos and posts. A perfect example of this 21st century diplomacy was seen yesterday on Twitter, when Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro released a video addressing the people of Chile.

Maduro asked for union between the people of Venezuela and Chile, saying: “Chileans, you are a victim of a permanent campaign against the Bolivarian revolution”.

The socialist president called his country a “victim of a psychological campaign, a dirty campaign held against our country. Venezuela is a country of open doors and those doors are open for Latin America, for Chile”.

Millions of Venezuelans have fled the humanitarian crisis in the country, to countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Peru and also Chile.

Ampuero responds: “You should talk with your own people”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Roberto Ampuero, was quick to respond to the outcry of Maduro, saying that “instead of sending messages to the Chilean people, I recommend you that you talk with your own people. Talk with the people of Venezuela, who are facing a terrible humanitarian crisis”.

Ampuero called upon Maduro and told him he should “listen to the international community, that is asking Maduro to allow the Venezuelan people to speak out and establish democracy by peaceful means.”

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