Mass migration of Venezuelans to Chile reaches alarming numbers

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SANTIAGO – As a direct result of the inefficient policies in Venezuela, the economy of the nation has fallen apart very quickly, resulting in an exorbitant number of people migrating to different countries of Latin America. Masses of Venezuelans are heading to a new future in Chile, one of the principal destinations for those desperate to leave their country.

The amount of Venezuelans that have moved to Chile escaping from the subhuman conditions and the humanitarian crisis has dramatically increased during the first months of 2018, and it is expected to raise even more during 2018 if politics won´t change. In the last 5 years, the percentage of Visa requests that the Immigration Department of Chile has approved to Venezuelans has risen to alarming numbers, as almost 165.000 Venezuelans arrived in Chile in 2017,

Historical numbers
The director of the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security of Chile, Rodrigo Sandoval, pointed out in an interview given to “El Vinotinto”, that the problem does not lie with the number of Venezuelans itself, but on the great amount of fake work contracts that many of them have handed over in order to receive a permission to work. As Sandoval said: “this is a special migration wave, full of millennials that can handle themselves very well when it comes to social media. A lot of problems occur, when we have to process all those fakes contracts. We waste a lot of time that we could use to help the ones who have their documents in order”.

In the same interview, Sandoval marked that Chile is trying to create a balance, between giving possibilities to people coming from abroad, trying to make it easier for them to integrate by creating welcoming conditions, and trying to solve the Chileans’ anxiety and concerns about the current situation. The Chilean Chancellery reveals according to El Vinotinto that the Venezuelans are the citizens with the most asylum requests to Chile, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration declared that until the midterm of the last year they surpassed the number of solicitudes emitted in 2016, rating the numbers up to 31.949, standing out that requests for permanent residence have enhanced 20 times since 2013.

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