“Massacre in the Stadium”: Netflix documentary on Víctor Jara in the making

SANTIAGO – Victor Jara, the Chilean folk singer who died during the first days of the Pinochet regime, will get his own Netflix documentary. The streaming platform that Jara will be part of a series called “ReMastered”, that investigates mysterious deaths of famous musicians, such as Bob Marley and Sam Cooke. The Victor Jara episode will carry the name “Massacre in the Stadium”.

Víctor Jara was, apart from his career as folk singer, member of Chile´s Communist Party and university professor and was considered as influential – thus a threat – by the Pinochet dictatorship. Jara was among the first ones to be escorted to the National Stadium, where he was tortured and murdered. His body found later in a población, riddled with bullets.

Nine ex-soldiers convicted for murder of Chilean folk singer

Netflix is now producing a new series focusing on unsolved and mysterious deaths and happenings in the global music world, called ReMastered. In the series, artists such as Bob Marley, who´s death has always been linked to the CIA and the reggae oppression in Jamaica, will be investigated in the episode “Who Shot the Sherrif?”. In “Who Killed Jam Master Jay”, Netflix takes a closer look at the legendary Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay, who was killed in his studio in New York and who´s murder has been unsolved since.

Other names that have their episode are famous soul singer Sam Cooke, whose murder during the years of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States has been unsolved since, and legendary country singer Johnny Cash, in the episode “Tricky Dick and the Man in Black”, about his visit to the White House and his meeting with president Richard Nixon.

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