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May 16: The Outcome of the Constituents Elections

The historical election for the members of the Constitutional Convention was a triumph for independent, leftwing, indigenous, and feminist candidates. This group will hammer out a draft for the new Constitution. Judging by the winners, it is likely the new Magna Carta will be much more progressive.

 Results for the election of Constitutional Convention members were arguably the most anxiously expected. The 155-member convention will draft a new Constitution, which will be put to popular vote next year. If approved, the new Magna Carta will replace the current one, imposed under the Pinochet dictatorship.

Constitutional Convention candidates hailed from several geographical and professional areas.

 The elections were a resounding success for independents and leftwing candidates. 

The rightwing parties set up only one list, Vamos por Chile. Leftwing lists included Apruebo, formed by established parties like Party for Democracy, Socialist Party, Radical Party, among others; and Apruebo Dignidad, formed by the Communist Party and new left parties from Broad Front coalition. 

The rightwing list failed to obtain one-thirds of the seats necessary to block initiatives, but it may still ally with some independents.

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Overall, independents won 49 seats, Apruebo 27, Apruebo Dignidad 25, and Vamos por Chile 37, while 17 seats are reserved for indigenous representatives.

Notable members elected include:

  • TV figures, journalists and actors: Daniel Stingo (voting District 8), Bernardo de la Maza (D. 8), Malucha Pinto (D.13), Ignacio Achurra (D. 14), Bárbara Rebolledo (D. 17), and Patricio Fernández (D. 11);
  • Political figures: Marcela Cubillos (D. 11), Beatriz Sánchez (D. 12), Cristián Monckeberg (D.10), and Felipe Harboe (D. 19);
  • Rightwing social media provocateur Teresa Marinovic (D. 10);
  • “Tía Pikachu” Giovanna Grandón (D. 12);
  • History writer Jorge Baradit (D. 10);
  • Indigenous representatives Francisca Linconao (Mapuche), Tiare Maeva Aguilera (Rapa Nui), Luis Alberto Jiménez (Aymara).

The Constitutional Convention will start its work in June or July.

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