May 16: The Outcome of the Regional Elections

This election was the first time ever that people could vote for a regional governor. As of this morning, only three candidates have been confirmed. Candidates with less than 40 percent of the vote will have to go to a runoff on June 13.  

For the first time ever, people had the chance to vote for regional governors this weekend. Regional governor candidates are now elected by direct voting, which means that whoever is elected needs to win 40 percent of the votes. Regions with candidates who won less than that, will hold a runoff on June 13 between the two candidates with the highest vote count in last weekend’s election.

As of today at noon, the regions that appear to be headed for runoffs are:

  • Arica, with candidates Enrique Lee (31.5 percent) and Jorge Díaz (27.4)
  • Tarapacá, with José Carvajal (28.5) and Marco Pérez (25.5)
  • Antofagasta, with Ricardo Díaz (39.5) and Marco Díaz (21.5)
  • Atacama, with Carlo Pezo (30.1) and Miguel Vargas (23.7)
  • Coquimbo, with Krist Naranjo (27.3) and Marco Sulantay (26.1)
  • The Metropolitan Region, with Claudio Orrego (25.5) and Karina Oliva (23.3)
  • O’Higgins, with Pablo Silva (24.2) and Eduardo Cornejo (22.2)
  • Maule, with Cristina Bravo (28.3) and Francisco Pulgar (23.9)
  • Ñuble, with Óscar Crisóstomo (31.2) and Jezer Sepúlveda (27)
  • Biobío, with Rodrigo Díaz (27.5) and Flor Weisse (19.3)
  • La Araucanía, with Eugenio Tuma (30.2) and Luciano Rivas (19.9)
  • Los Ríos, with María José Gatica (36.8) and Luis Cuvertino (32.5)
  • Los Lagos, with Patricio Vallespin (36.4) and Ricardo Kuschel (25.7)

And the regional governor winners are:

  • Rodrigo Mundaca, from the Broad Front (Frente Amplio) coalition, who was elected Regional Governor of Valparaíso with 43.7 percent of the votes
  • Andrea Macías, from the Socialist Party, elected Regional Governor of Aysén, with 48.7 percent of the votes.
  • Jorge Flies, Independent, elected Regional Governor of Magallanes with 42.1 percent of the votes.


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