McDonalds celebrates Fiestas Patrias in Chile with terremoto-flavour ice cream

SANTIAGO – A month before the Chilean Fiestas Patrias begin, McDonalds has introduced a new, traditional Chilean ice cream flavor. The Chilean Flavor Sunday Terremoto represents one of Chile’s most popular alcoholic drinks. “We always develop new alternatives to give our products a local taste” said McDonalds Chile marketing manager Fernanda Raffa.

The American fast food company McDonalds has surprised Chile with a new ice cream flavor from the Chilean kitchen. Chilean Flavor Sundae Terremoto is the new creation that mixes up pineapple and grenadine, with a little taste of the traditional wine Pipeño. Though the new flavor does not contain alcohol, the company managed to give it a similar flavor, to make it taste like the popular – but feared – drink. The ice cream will be available from this week until December.

As McDonald’s told CNN, the company wanted to take the opportunity of the coming festivities in September, to present the new product. “We always develop new alternatives to our products a local taste, which are popular among customers” said the McDonald’s Chile marketing manager Fernanda Raffa. “We did a special with this dessert: to get the Terremoto flavor, we used our traditional milk ice cream, then we added it pineapple extract and a special touch of grenadine¨.

Chilean holiday El Dieciocho

Every year on September 18, Chile celebrates its independence day. The so-called Dieciocho is the moment Chileans commemorate their liberation from the Spanish crown, and the establishment of Chile as an independent nation. The festivities, called the Fiestas Patrias, take until the 20st of September, and are known for the numerous asados, games, folkloric dances like the cueca and drinks like the pisco sour, chicha and the mentioned terremoto.

During these days, Chile show the cultural rites that identify all the Chileans. The exact date of the Independence Declaration is February 12, 1818. However, it was on September 12 1810, when the first National Governing Junta took place, starting the independence process. That is the reason why Chile has chosen September as the month to celebrate.

The government decrees every year the 18 and 19 of September as a national holiday, so Chileans can properly celebrate their culture. On the second day, the country celebrates its armed forces, remembering the independence battles, especially those which helped the country to obtain its freedom. Battles like Batalla de las Tres Acequias in 1814, Batalla de Chacabuco in 1817, Batalla de Cancha Rayada in 1818, and others more are celebrated throughout the holiday.

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