New daycare law aims to tackle female labor discrimination

SANTIAGO – President Sebastián Piñera has proposed a new law that could end labor discrimination against women. The law includes establishing a fund for working mothers, so they can register their children with a high-quality daycare center. Piñera expects the law to be approved before September 18th.   

A new bill for working women has been proposed by President Piñera on Wednesday. The Universal Daycare Law, comprises a budget to improve mothers’ options in the labor market. The initiative aims to change a policy in the current labor code, which allows installing a daycare facility only if the enterprise has more than 20 mothers employed. Domestic enterprises will also be included into the new legislation.

Piñera remarked that the project equals conditions between men and women. The target is to eliminate discrimination against women, lower the costs associated with female hiring, guarantee a right to daycare, and to respond to working parents’ woes.

´Eliminating the discrimination´

“We are eliminating the discrimination that until now has existed against women, in which they had to pay the cost of having daycare for their children. The cost of daycare will now be financed by working men and women equally,” Piñera said.

He added that the benefit will reach up to CLP 245,000 a month, plus enrollment cost, giving beneficiaries access to high-quality service.

Labor minister Nicolás Monckeberg emphasized that the government looks for everybody’s development. “What we want is that growth in Chile reaches everyone, beginning with women. Nowadays, many of them want to work, but they can’t because there is a policy that discriminates them,” he said.

The project comprises protection for dependent and independent workers as well. To access the benefit, children must be under two years. The president asked parliamentarians to “give the country good news by approving the law, preferable before September 18th. That is to turn into a beautiful reality for our country, our children, our women, and our families,” added Piñera.

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