No garbagemen, passports or driver’s licenses: national strike continues

SANTIAGO – For the third day running, 15 public sector unions have continued their national strike. In cities throughout the country, public workers marched for better pay and labor conditions. Talks between the representatives and the government haven´t had any result so far. 

A Registro Civil that doesn’t process passports renewals, garbage that doesn’t get collected and closed public schools: the national strike of the public sector is being felt and seen on different levels in the country. For the third day running public workers are on strike, saying they will continue doing so until the government meets their demands.

Eighth meetings have been held so far between representatives of the 15 unions in the public sector and government officials, without any result. The public sector demands higher salaries, which the government has agreed to. But the 3.1% salary adjustment, proposed by the government, has been rejected so far by the sector.

Representatives ask for at least 3.5% more. They pointed out that the government has shown little interest in solving the conflict, as the ministers of the two sectors involved (the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Labor), have been absent during various meetings. According to the public sector, this is a tactic to delay negotiations.

Today, another meeting between representatives from the sector and the government was held in the morning.

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