One year Piñera: “23 percent of presidential promises fulfilled”

SANTIAGO – According to an investigation by NGO Ciudadanía Inteligente, President Piñera has fulfilled 23% of his promises during the first year of his administration. The NGO compared promises made in the presidential program with laws and projects proposed during Piñera’s term. On areas such as Culture, Democracy and Indigenous People there was zero progress, the study states.

In the study called, ‘del Dicho al Hecho’, which translates roughly into “said and done”, NGO Ciudadanía Inteligente looked at last year’s presidential program. Promises made in the program were analyzed and given a score to gauge if they were fulfilled.

When nothing had been done, a score of 0% was given. 40% was given when the law or project had gone through its first stage and 70% for a law that has passed to its second or third constitutional procedure. A 90% score was given for projects that are currently awaiting presidential approval and a full score of 100% was given for projects that have been approved.

Defense and gender equality vs. culture and sports

During the first year of his second term as president, Sebastián Piñera has fulfilled 23% of his promises, according to the analysis. The biggest advance was registered in the areas of Defense (60%), Gender Equality (56%) and Science and Technology (45%). Also, Economy & Trade (40%) and Children & Youth (41%) scored relatively high.

Several programs saw zero progress during the period. Among them count projects and laws in the area of Culture, Democracy, Sports, Public Works, Indigenous People and Transport & Telecommunications.

With three more years to go, Piñera could get close to fulfilling all his promises by the end of his term. A coordinator at Ciudadanía Inteligente called Piñera “a very active president, who has a lot of projects for promises in the pipeline.” Yet, the same coordinator told radio Cooperativa that many proposed laws still lack final approval.

Government responds with deluge to ‘legislative drought’

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