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Party for Dignity: New Political Party Born During the Crisis

Party for Dignity

SANTIAGO – A new political party joined the already diverse political field in Chile on January 20, when James Hamilton registered his Party for Dignity at the Chilean Electoral Service. The idea behind the party, however, is not to participate in any political processes, but rather to serve as a platform for independent candidates who wish to be part of a possible Constitutional Assembly.

James Hamilton, known as one of the victims of notorious pedophile priest Fernando Karadima, registered the Party for Dignity on Monday, flanked by María Olivia Monckeberg, who received the National Prize for Journalism in 2009, and Luis Toro, human rights lawyer.

Other members of the party will be musicians Ricardo Venegas (Quilapayún) and Claudio Narea (ex-Los Prisioneros) and writers Roberto Rivera and Diego Muñoz.

According to its website, the Party for Dignity will not be like other political parties in Chile. The party is an answer to the referendum in April, when Chileans vote on whether they want a new Constitution, and, if yes, who will be the ones responsible for drafting the new Carta Magna

If a majority votes in favor, which is likely according to the latest Citizen Consultation, and if they also choose a Constituent Assembly to draft that Constitution, the Party for Dignity will offer independent candidates who could take part in that process.

On its website, the founders of the party write that “the basic objective is to offer a space to independent people who do not feel represented by the current channels of representation, and also to those who want to be candidates for the Constituent Assembly, given the enormous challenge of the drafting and promulgation of the new Fundamental Charter.”

The party encourages people to vote in favor of a new Constitution and in favor of a Constitutional Assembly, with all of its members elected by the public and not by political parties.

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