Patio Bellavista – A Modern Shopping and Dining Complex

SANTIAGO – In every neighborhood, in every commune in Santiago you’ll find markets, mercados and ferías. The markets are a great place to get to know real Chilean culture. Chile Today reviews some of Santiago’s best markets. Today part IV: Patio Bellavista.

Centrally located in the hipster arty neighborhood of Bella Vista, Patio Bellavista is home to 70 operators, which includes boutiques, restaurants and a hotel, all, encompassed in a modern open-air complex. Upon walking in, the visitors encounter an open square encircled by small boutique shops and international dining options. The space is often used for art installations, concerts, cultural events and fairs.

Renowned Renovations


Photo: Kateryna Kurdyuk / Chile Today

The area which now houses the ultra-modern complex was once a series of old industrial warehouses built in the 1900s. After undergoing major renovations, Patio Bellavista opened its doors in January 2006.

The revival of the area by the construction of the complex has been applauded and received widespread recognition. In 2006 and 2010, the complex has received awards for its architecture, preservation of heritage structures, and beneficial contribution to the neighborhood.

The design was also selected for an exhibition to be displayed in the Chile Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 Expo. Finally, Patio Bellavista won a prize at the 2015 Urban Contribution Awards under the category of urban regeneration and rehabilitation.

Now the complex enjoys great popularity with Chileans and tourists alike. It is a trendy hot spot for evening dinners or late-night gatherings. In total, the complex receives 8 million visitors a year, 80% of which are Chilean and 20% ​​are foreigners.

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Photo: Kateryna Kurdyuk / Chile Today

As far as dining, Patio Bellavista appeals to tourists and locals alike due to the fact that it offers many choices in one complex, it is open on Sundays (a rarity in Santiago Central), and it provides a safe, colorful and lively ambiance any day of the week.

Its location means that it is the best lunch spot after descending from San Cristobal Hill or after visiting Pablo Naruda’s home, La Chascona, which is now a popular museum. Most restaurants offer daily Happy Hour deals, which is a draw for the after work crowd. After dining and drinking, visitors also flock to Il Maestrale, a popular Italian gelato boutique, considered one of the best in the city.

Photo: Kateryna Kurdyuk / Chile Today

The boutiques in Patio Bellavista are mostly tailored towards tourists and are stocked with good quality, and thus, more expensive products. Visitors can find anything from the typical items such as magnets and postcards, to handmade craft items.

Jewelry shops carrying silver and lapis lazuli, a popular Chilean semi-precious stone, are aplenty. There are also many copper and wooden items on sale as well as a variety of creative gift idea.

Photo: Kateryna Kurdyuk / Chile Today

Getting There

Patio Bellavista is a short walk from one of the major metro stations on Line 1 (Red), Baquedano. One must simply cross the small bridge and head towards San Cristobal. Opening hours vary daily but are typically from 10am until late. Parking is also available onsite. For further information, see the official website.

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