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People Gathering and On the Move With Nearly 8,700 New Cases

After the mobility pass was implemented this week, public places opened up again, and large groups of people have been gathering around the city. Over 8,000 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday, the second highest number since the beginning of the pandemic was registered.

Since the implementation of the mobility pass for people who have been fully-vaccinated this week, people have increasingly visited vaccination centers. As of today, over 10 million people have received their first dose of a vaccine. Social gatherings have also increased, especially in Santiago.

On Friday morning, the amusement park Fantasilandia, which had been closed since March of last year, opened its doors to the public again. The park has a limited capacity of 2,500 people, and only outdoor attractions are available, also with limited occupants. This morning, hundreds lined up outside for admission.

Fantasilandia’s manager, Cristián Ivovich, confirmed to ADN Radio that only “1,800 people entered the park” – 700 below its limited capacity – and that they are taking precautionary measures.

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Bus stations have also seen a sharp uptick in travelers going to different regions of the country, as the mobility pass allows for inter-regional travel.

On Thursday, May 27, over 25,000 people went to the bus terminal in Estación Central, when normally the average is about 14,000, according to the district’s mayor Miguel Abdo. He also said that for this weekend, about 100,000 people were expected to leave the Metropolitan Region.

The mobility pass, mass movement, and gatherings all come at a time when the number of COVID-19 cases has not gone down. In fact, on Friday, May 28, Chile registered nearly 8,680 new cases. The Medical College of Chile also reported the collapse of hospitals and clinics in the Metropolitan Region, with some at 99 percent capacity.

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