Piñera announces reform of armed forces over corruption scandal

SANTIAGO – President Sebastián Piñera has announced a reform of the Chilean Armed Forces. Over last couple of months, the army has made headlines with corruption scandals. Last week, the number two of the army resigned over the corruption that mostly took place during Piñera´s first administration.

The corruption scandal in the army involves the improper use of airplane tickets. Over 1500 trips high ranked military men made between 2009 and 2014 are being investigated. Members of the High Command of the Armed Forces had made personal trips, using official funds, or received money to buy airplane tickets while they spend the money on other things. Among those accused is General John Griffiths, the number two in the Chilean Armed Forces. He resigned last week over the accusations.

In response to the controversy that has been encircling the army, president Piñera has announced a reform of the forces. All those officers who were on the list to receive a promotion in 2019 will be reviewed, to ensure no military men involved in the corruption case will be promoted. It would be the first time since the end of the military dictatorship the Chilean Armed Forces would undergo a reform.

Earlier this month, the army made headlines in Chile when a video leaked of the son of Miguel Krassnoff, a convicted war criminal, paying homage to his dad at a ceremony at Escuela Militar. Since then, various officers from the military academy have been forced to resign over the outrage the ceremony caused.

Chilean army pays homage to convicted war criminal at Escuela Militar [+ VIDEO]

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