Piñera invites, Bolsonaro accepts and Kast travels

SANTIAGO – In the aftermath of the sweeping victory of Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential elections in Brazil, Chilean president Piñera has invited the president-elect to La Moneda. Chile will be the first country Bolsonaro visits. Other Chilean politicians already have announced to visit Bolsonaro in Brazil.

“I wish you a great presidency, the Brazil and its people need it”. With those words, Chilean president Sebastián Piñera congratulated president-elect Jair Bolsonaro with his victory in the presidential elections last Sunday. Piñera also celebrated the win of the Brazilian far rightwing candidate on Twitter, addressing Bolsonaro: “we are confident that we will work with will, strength and vision in favor of the well-being of our people and their integration.”

Source: CNN Chile

In a next step to strengthen bilateral ties between the two regional economic powerhouses, Piñera invited Bolsonaro to La Moneda. As the invitation was accepted, Chile will be the first country Bolsonaro will visit. Piñera also confirmed his presence during the inaugural ceremony of Bolsonaro on the 1st of January.

Chilean delegation heads for Brazil

Chile´s rightwing has celebrated the victory of their Brazilian counterpart and is set to create alliances between Bolsonaro´s movement and for example Renovación Nacional. This weekend, a group of twelve Chilean parliamentarians will visit Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro. The visit is organized by former presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, who visited Bolsonaro last week as well. Among parliamentarians are people such as Francesca Muñoz and Camila Flores.

Camila Flores

Camila Flores made headlines over the last months with controversial and often incorrect comments. The most controversial comment Flores recently made in a television program, when she accused human rights advocate Carmen Hertz of the Communist Party of killing people during the military dictatorship. She claimed recordings existed as proof, while Hertz in fact was exiled with her son after her husband had been killed by the Caravan of Death. Flores later apologized for her comments.

All aboard the Bolsonaro train: Chilean senators visit Brazil

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