Piñera Presents His New Plan for 2020

SANTIAGO – The President met with his cabinet over the weekend to map out a new direction for his administration. The new plan he presented consists of four pillars that focus on the main issues of the social protests. One of these addresses the plebiscite in April and the path to a new constitution.

On Saturday, Feb. 1, President Sebastián Piñera met with his cabinet to prepare their agenda for the challenges in the upcoming year. Once the meeting was finished, the president presented his new government plan which consists of four pillars, each one related to the protests that have continued since Oct. 18. The goal is to boost the new social agenda with the idea that it will improve the average Chilean’s quality of life.

The first pillar consists of fixing the broken pension funds that currently exists in Chile. The goal is to readjust the current system by 50%, a change that is supposed to help nearly 1.6 million pensioners. This plan is currently pending approval by the legislature.

Another part of this first pillar is to fix the public health system by creating a universal health plan that will benefit all Chileans, by setting up insurance that will cover catastrophic health issues, and by eliminating pre-existing conditions from private healthcare plans.

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Preparing for the Future

The second pillar is devoted to the constitutional plebiscite that will be taking place Apr. 26. It focuses on making sure that the voting process is peaceful, democratic, and participatory. It also seeks to ensure that the government is ready for the challenges that will arise should voters opt for a new constitution.

The third pillar relates to the economy. One big issue that has arisen from the social protests is the vulnerability of small businesses, many of which are situated near ground zero of the protests. This pillar focuses on these businesses in order to make sure there is stable economic growth to fund all the other items that make up the new government plan.

The last pillar seeks the peace that has eluded Chile since Oct. 18. In order to help bring Chile back to a relative domestic tranquility, Piñera promised to strengthen the police so that they can maintain peace and order.

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