Plane Crash on House in Puerto Montt Kills Six People

PUERTO MONTT – Six people were killed when a small airplane crashed on a house in Puerto Montt on Tuesday. Shortly after taking off, the plane got into problems and caught fire. All victims were passengers, as no one was in the house when the crash took place.

The plane crash took place in a house near the La Paloma airstrip in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region. It carried, besides the pilot, five passengers. All aboard the airplane were killed during the crash.

Explosions were heard around the airplane, with destination Chaitén, according to eyewitnesses to Bíobí Shortly after taking off it crashed on a house. The habitants weren’t home at the moment of the crash. Two other house caught fire as well.

So far, there is no information about what caused the plane to crash or if the pilot was fit to fly. The Chilean Investigative Police (PDI) is investigating the crash.

A security cam caught the exact moment of the crash.

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