President of the National Health Confederation accused of embezzlement

VIÑA DEL MAR – Former regional president of the National Health Confederation Fernando Kursan is accused of misappropriation. The current president of CONFUSAM Viña del Mar, Dario Espinosa, accused Kursan of irregularities in the organizations’ finances during his time at the helm. His move to reelection raised concerns, too.    

Darío Espinosa, the regional president of CONFUSAM Viña del Mar, accused Fernando Kursan of misappropriation of assets belonging to the National Health Confederation in Chile. Espinosa spoke out after Fernando Kursan presented his resignation after the Account Reviewer Commission revealed financial irregularities during the latter’s term as regional president. According to DiarioUChile, Kursan also left a debt in the Federation for Government Employees in the Region V, which has raised an external audit that exposed the embezzlement. As a result Confusam Viña del Mar brought the case to court in Viña del Mar.

On the back of the accusation is Kursan’s intention to be reelected, which keeps Viña del Mar’s functionaries with eyes on him. Related to that, Espinosa told Radio Universidad de Chile “Fernando Kursan hasn’t been honest in his role of leader. It is serious that he wants to stay in the national directive role.” Confusam director general Esteban Maturana told Radio Universidad de Chile that the case is being processed at the court, so the court must solve the problem.

Regarding the coming elections, Maturana highlighted that to be part of the process, associations must be up to date with the financial quotes. In the case of Viña del Mar, the members are associates of a Valparaíso regional federation. It was Tricel, the qualifying elections court, which determined they cannot participate, so it isn’t a national directive’s decision.

The functionaries of Viña del Mar will argue the results of the election. They said that their legitimate right to elect their national leaders have been violated. They also have to sign an agreement in which they pledge to pay the debt.

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