President Piñera to visit Pope Francis this month

SANTIAGO – La Moneda has confirmed that Chilean president Sebastián Piñera will visit Pope Francis this month in the Vatican. The visit will be part of the European tour the president is making. Tensions are high between Chile and the Catholic Church at the moment, due to the sexual abuse scandal the Chilean church finds itself in.

Amidst a crisis that has been affecting catholic communities all over Chile, president Piñera will meet with Pope Francis, to discuss the sexual abuse scandal. Over the past few weeks, Pope Francis has been making headlines by banishing priests Fernando Karadima and Cristián Precht. Both were spills in the scandal that has been shaking the Chilean church for over years now and had been found guilty of abusing minors during their priesthood.

Pope Francis expels Fernando Karadima from Catholic Church

Both La Moneda and the Vatican have confirmed that the meeting will take place on October 13, although an exact time hasn´t been specified. Further details about their meeting haven´t been revealed, but it is expected both leaders will discuss the crisis in the church. Earlier, after his visit to Chile, Pope Francis send investigators from the Vatican to the South-American country. The arrival of these investigators was seen as a reaction on the backlash the Pope received for having Juan Barros, a bishop for Osorno who has been accused of covering up for notorious priest Karadima, at a mass the Pope held in Chile.

Although various bishops and priests have been forced to resign so far, the investigations are still far from over. The Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, is still being questioned for covering up the sexual abuse committed by Karadima, while Francisco Errázuriz, archbishop of Santiago until 2010, is also under investigation.

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