Protests as prices of the TAG in Santiago are set to increase next year

SANTIAGO – Starting next year, using highways in Santiago will get more expensive. According to estimations, the toll, called TAG, will increase by 6.4%. The increase means that the prices will have nearly doubled in the last 13 years.

Starting January 1, five of the most important urban highways in Santiago will become more expensive. The increase of 6.4% is quite similar to the previous increase, when prices went up by 6.5% at the start of 2018.

Between 2006 and 2019, the prices of the so-called TAG have nearly doubled, with an increase of 97%. With the increased rates for the Santiago highways ahead, the protest group No+Tag has announced demonstrations.

Responding to criticism regarding the rates, which are yet to be made official, a spokesperson of Copsa, the association of infrastructure constructors, said that people should keep in mind the amount of fuel they are saving when making use of the highways.

According to daily El Mercurio, prices will increase as follows:

  • Autopista Central, between A. Vespucio and the Mapocho River, will go from CLP$ 3,000 in 2018 to CLP$ 3,195 in 2019.
  • The San Cristobal Tunnel will go from CLP$ 1,031 in 2018 to CLP$ 1,098 in 2019.
  • Autopista Vespucio Norte, between El Salta and Ruta 5 will go from CLP$ 2,226 in 2018 to CLP$ 2,371 in 2019.
  • Autopista Vespucio Sur, between Gran Avenida and Avenida Grecia will go from CLP$ 3,969 in 2018 to CLP$ 4,226 in 2019.
  • Costanera Norte, between Puente La Dehesa and Avenida Vivaceta will go from CLP$ 7,372 in 2018 to CLP$ 7,851 in 2019.

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