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Quarantine in Chile Update

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On Tuesday, Apr. 28, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Chile surpassed 14,000. For municipalities where numbers have fallen, the Ministry of Health announced it would start lifting quarantines. Others will continue under quarantine and in some areas quarantines were declared for the first time since the outbreak.

Numbers for the Metropolitan Region have risen again, with more than 400 new cases of Covid-19, according to the latest reports. The densely populated area includes over half of all confirmed cases in Chile. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that new cases also emerged in Antofagasta, Magallanes, and the Maule region. The Araucanía Region, which was one of the hardest hit, saw the number of new cases decrease from nearly 50 a day to just 15. Following the strategy of imposing quarantines only on districts and cities with high numbers of coronavirus cases, the Ministry of Health announced the following measures, that will go into effect on Thursday, Apr. 30.

Quarantines in Santiago

  • In Ñuñoa, a partial quarantine was declared. It will cover the district’s northern part but not the south, with Grecia Avenue serving as dividing line.
  • Similarly, the north of Santiago Center will be quarantined but not the south.
  • Puente Alto is also divided along a west-east axis, with only the west put under quarantine. The municipality had a couple of outbreaks that can be traced back to evangelical churches ignoring social distancing rules and holding masses.
  • The northern part of San Bernardo will be quarantined, plus the adjacent El Bosque neighborhood. The limit to the north is Lo Espejo district; to the east, San Francisco Street; to the south, Colón Street, and, to the west, Ruta 5 Sur highway.
  • La Pintana will also have its northern section in quarantine, with El Observatorio Avenue being its dividing line.
  • San Ramón will also be split along a north-south axis, with everything south of Vespucio Sur being under quarantine.
  • The municipality of Pedro Aguirre Cerda will continue in quarantine for another week. The district has seen numerous confrontations between police and citizens, with some officers complaining about objects being thrown from buildings.
  • Estacion Central and Quinta Normal will be entirely quarantined, and Independencia will have its quarantine expanded to cover the entire municipality after the partial quarantine failed to properly contain the spread of the virus.
  • Independencia is the first district to get a second quarantine, after a previous one had been lifted.
  • Sanitary checkpoints will be placed around the Metropolitan Region to prevent residents from traveling to the coast during the upcoming long weekend.

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Other Regions

  • Angol and Victoria’s urban sector in Araucanía region, will be placed under quarantine. Angol suffered an outbreak in the local hospital, the reason for the outbreak was that somebody had stolen 12 boxes full of face masks that were destined for the staff.
  • Quarantines for Punta Arenas in the south and Arica in the north are extended for at least one more week.
  • Arica is currently the only northern city in quarantine even thought Arica has lowered its numbers to the single digits while Antofagasta has significantly increased to over 50 new cases a day.
  • In Osorno in the Los Lagos Region and in Temuco in the Araucanía Region quarantines are lifted. However, sanitary checkpoints around the cities are maintained. The Araucanía region was the hardest hit by the virus but its numbers have significantly decreased resulting in a relaxing of the measures taken.
  • Chillan and Chillan Viejo which had its quarantine lifted last week will have their sanitary checkpoints removed on Thursday.
  • The city of Concepción will have sanitary checkpoints placed around it to prevent residents from traveling outside the city during the upcoming long weekend.

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