Right-wing constituents acknowledge errors and injustices as to indigenous peoples

Fifteen Constitution Assembly constituents of the Chile Vamos pact signed a letter that recognizes mistakes and injustice towards indigenous peoples. The text was delivered to the constituents of the native peoples and was read by the Evopoli’s Luis Larraín Matte. The text did not have the support of the Independent Democratic Union.

“Those of us who subscribe to this letter want to be part of the reunion between the original peoples and Chile.” So begins the document signed by 15 Constitution Assembly constituents of the Chile Vamos, a manifesto in which “errors and injustices” towards Chile’s indigenous peoples are recognized.

The letter was delivered to each of the constituents representing the indigenous peoples, and was read by Evópoli’s constituent, Luis Larraín Matte, during the plenary session on Aug. 17.

The letter acknowledges that either as a State, a society, or as individuals, “mistakes and injustices have been committed, one of them being the little understanding we have had of the realities and perspectives of native peoples,” creating a “historical debt” towards the indigenous peoples.

In addition, the text states that the participation of indigenous peoples in the drafting of the new constitution “is a great opportunity to take charge of [Chilean] history and build a future in which we are all a part.” The text expresses that the signatory constituents know that “there is a lot of mistrust,” but they reaffirm a “commitment to dialogue and seek, with high-mindedness, agreements to start a new phase.”

Unprecedented: An indigenous woman heading the creation of Chile’s Constitution

Without UDI support 

This public letter was not supported by the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), which is also part of the Chile Vamos coalition, or by Teresa Marinovic, an independent constituent, elected as part of National Renovation’s quota.

According to Cooperativa, UDI constiutent Eduardo Cretton said that “the letter is wrong on some content issues,” so that’s why the party did not sign it. 

One of the Mapuche constituents, Adolfo Millabur Ñancuil, said that this “is a good announcement” but that people he represents will take it with caution until there are concrete facts in the text of the constitution.

In other news: approval of a sanction

In other updates from the convetion, after a tense debate, it was agreed that a sanction will be applied to “any action or omission that justifies, denies or minimizes, apologizes for, or glorifies the crimes against humanity that occurred in Chile between September 11, 1973 and March 10, 1990,” as well as the human rights violations that occurred during the social outbreak that started in October 2019.


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