Santiago Film Festival returns as online event

SANTIAGO – The Santiago International Film Festival, (SANFIC) returns for its 17th consecutive year. It will be streamed due to the pandemic and will take place from Aug. 15-22. Over 80 films from around the world will be shown, including the debut of Daniel Brühl as director.

The 17th edition of the Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC) will be streamed via the festival’s website. Viewers will get to pick from 86 films from around the world. The festival will begin on Aug. 15 and close on Aug. 22. This is the second time in a row the event will be organized online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The line-up features mostly films that premiered during the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, films previously selected for the canceled 2020 Cannes Film Festival, and a collection of films directed by Argentine director Ana Katz. Also participating is Spanish-German actor Daniel Brühl, who will be showing his debut as director and take part in an online forum.

Line up

SANFIC’s digital platform opened for registration on Aug. 2. The amount of streams per film is limited to 600 for those in the general box office category and 1,200 that are part of the SANFIC educational program.

Highly anticipated films include: Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, a Japanese romantic anthology written and directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi; Enfant Terrible, directed by Oskar Roehler, which tells the story of German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder; and Stardust, a documentary about David Bowie’s first US tour, directed by Gabriel Range.

The festival will also include a retrospective on the career of Argentine director Ana Katz, who will also  be a judge in the international film competition, where two Chilean films will run.

One is Gaucho Americano (American Gaucho), a documentary that follows two Patagonian shepherds who migrate to the western United States to work at a ranch and live their dream of being cowboys. The documentary shows them herding their flock and fighting off predators in a foreign land they think they can handle.

The other Chilean film is Un Lugar Llamado Dignidad (A Place Called Dignity). This drama tells the story of Pablo, a boy who receives a scholarship for school at the Colonia Dignidad compound, which became an infamous torture site during the dictatorship. Pablo becomes the favorite of the colony’s pedophile leader, Paul Schäfer. Over time, Pablo starts noticing that something isn’t right with this place.

SANFIC will also follow the Berlin International Film Festival and not separate the acting awards by gender, meaning it will have only one acting award.

Special Guests

In early August, SANFIC announced the participation of Daniel Brühl, known for his role in Inglourious Basterds and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brühl is familiar with Chile, having starred in The Colony in 2015, where he played a German leftist who is tortured at Colonia Dignidad.

Brühl will feature Next Door, a German dark comedy in which he plays himself and which he also directed.  The film starts when Brühl is confronted by Bruno, who knows everything about the actor and is bent on revenge. At its premiere in March, Brühl described it as a western without guns. And on Aug. 20, Brühl will take part in a SANFIC webinar to discuss the film and other projects.

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