Santiago Writers Festival returns Oct. 24-28

SANTIAGO – The Santiago Writers Festival (FAS) returns as a digital event for the second year running. The festival will be livestreamed Oct. 24-28. Over 100 Chilean writers will attend, including Jaime Bassa and journalist Paula Molina.

The fourth annual Santiago Writers Festival (FAS) is returning as a virtual event. It is the second consecutive year that it has been digitally hosted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The festival begins Oct. 24 and runs through Oct. 28.

Those who want to attend can register for free online. Attendees will have the option to choose from offerings across six virtual rooms on each day of the literary festival.

The main line-up

The program consists of talks, presentations, and homages to and by various writers. Chilean journalist Paula Molina and Spanish novelist Julia Navarro will host the first event following the festival’s opening ceremony. The two will discuss Navarro’s book, “De Ninguna Parte” (“From Nowhere”).

This year the festival organizer, LibroyLectura,  is placing an emphasis on the theme “reading opens borders,” with a variety of activities, presentations, and talks tackling a broad range of social issues.

Politics will be one of the key issues with the drafting of the new constitution underway. University lecturer Jaime Bassa will lead a talk on Oct. 25 called, “a Chile that you imagine.” Bassa has been an instrumental figure in the movement for a new Chilean constitution and he is slated to discuss that. The talk will also be a follow up to his “Chile Decide, based on the 2019 social uprising and new constitution.

Day three will touch on other socio-political issues with Mapuche activist, Pedro Cayuqueo, who will be talking about recent events in the southern parts of Chile.

Highly-anticipated talks and presentations on sexuality and identity by the likes of Karolina Lama, Neva Milicic, Ignacio Rebodello and Carlos Peña, among many others, are also scheduled.

In line with LibroyLectura’s aim to turn Chile into a literary nation, there will also be a number of presentations on literature aimed at children and families. Susana Aliano and Teresa Mujica will discuss ways in which bullying is spoken about in children and teen literature.  Aliano and Mujica will present Oct. 27 in the first virtual room at 5 p.m. 

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International guests

The presence of international writers is also welcomed news for a festival that aims to showcase Chilean talent to the world. Colombian author and illustrator Diego Sánchez Rodríguez, better known as Dipacho, will be hosting a talk on the second day on color being a narrative element in books. The virtual talk will be hosted alongside Andrea Villena and Teresa Mujica, Oct. 25.

Also featuring at the festival will be American author, Julia Quinn. The writer, best known for her historical romance novels, is no stranger to literary festivals, but it will be her debut in Chile. On Oct. 27, she will give a presentation on her television-adapted Bridgerton Series.

Other international guest writers include “The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas” author, John Boyne, and Argentinians Claudia Piñeiro and Maximiliano Pizzicotti. It is expected that many of the international guest writers will be hosting talks and presenting elements of their work during the festival.


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