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“We Are At War” – The Intel Report Based On Influencers

SANTIAGO — A confidential report assembled by the army’s intelligence unit in response to the social outbreak of 2019 has become public. In it, the army claimed, among other things, that Venezuela sent a 600-strong “battalion” to foment the unrest. The president even declared war against a powerful enemy based on the report – whose main protagonists, it turned out, are social media influencers.

A confidential report the army produced for the government and other institutions has come to light. The report was produced to help the administration gain an understanding of public security during the social outbreak that revulsed the country from Oct. 18, 2019.

The report, handed over by then-Defense Minister Alberto Espina, allegedly contributed to President Sebastián Piñera’s declaration of war on Oct. 20, 2019, against a “powerful enemy” that had infiltrated civil society.

Produced by army intelligence unit DINE, the report said Venezuela’s and Cuba’s intelligence agencies, SEBIN and G2, respectively, had prepared an “insurrectionary offensive for Chile,” and brought 600 clandestine agents, trained in urban guerrilla warfare, to Chile.

News outlet El Mostrador reported that, according to the document, the agents “entered Chile as refugees, and many of them were trained in Cuban subversive schools, such as Punto Cero.”

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Zurda Konducta and Carvajalino

The offensive, supposedly executed by “Chavista government organization Zurda Konducta,” was led by Pedro Carvajalino.

But Zurda Konducta is a show hosted by Carvajalino, who is a social media influencer and admirer of Nicolás Maduro.

On Twitter Carvajalino said on Wednesday that “I am the alleged Commander Carvajalino, and I don’t even create riots in my house!,” adding that he has never even been to Chile.

DINE focused on Carvajalino because he cheered the social outbreak in a social media post and because he uploaded a badly photoshopped image of himself posing in front of government palace La Moneda.

Intelligence Agency Warning

National intelligence agency ANI said in a report that Carvajalino is a Colombian who moved to Venezuela in 2009. According to El Mostrador, the report said that he did not have the profile to be an intelligence agent since he openly publishes his strategies and actions.

“The subject is a social media trend. He shouts and publishes all his alleged actions of agitation and organization, a situation that is likely to be a communication strategy from Nicolás Maduro’s government … to adjudicate actions that are not generated by him.”

ANI warned that “there is no sufficient evidence to establish that the events that took place since Oct. of 2019 in our country were articulated and directed by the government of Nicolás Maduro.”

DINE also accused Judith Belandria of being a foreign agent that incited the protests. But it turned out that she is a refugee and anti-Maduro activist.

Government Response

During a visit to Magallanes region, one of the worst-hit by the pandemic, Piñera said “we received many reports and every time there was relevant information we took it to the Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.”

At a press conference in Santiago, Interior Minister Víctor Pérez said “intelligence reports are secret. The president made decisions regarding a significant number of reports and documents … I don’t think it was a mistake because this was not the only document the government had access to.”

He added, “a year ago we were experiencing an exacerbated situation of violence, which we were not prepared for, and many institutions made reports.”

Pérez also said that “the fact that [the media] believe the statement the president made [declaring war] is based on that report, is an elucubration that I do not share.”

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