Shanghai ranking places the University of Chile as leading university in Latin America

SANTIAGO – The 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities ARWU positioned the University of Chile as the most prominent in Chile and Latin América. ARWU ranked universities around the world, with the aim of classifying the best ones. Harvard University in the United States tops the list.

The 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), or Shanghai Ranking, has ranked the University of Chile as the most prominent in Chile and Latin America; ARWU ranked the University of Chile as the only one of Latin America among the best 200 in the world.

Among the criteria used to classify, the Shanghai Ranking considered the amount of Nobel Prizes received, the Fields Medals, given to the best mathematicians by the International Mathematical Union, and publications in specialized magazines like Nature or Science. The list is led by the University of Harvard, followed by Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and the British university of Cambridge.

Other Chilean universities were also recognized, among them the Catholic University of Chile, the University Andrés Bello, and the University of Concepción.

In the rest of Latin America, the University of São Paulo, the University of Mexico, the University of Buenos Aires, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, stand out.

ARWU began their ranking in 2003, and has been annually classifying since 2009. Ever since, the classification that is aimed to be up to date in matters of applied research, studies different universities worldwide. Shanghai’s Ranking is one of the most important classifications around the world, and it uses a list made by Jiao Tong University, in Shanghai, China.

Leader in Latin-America

In July, Universidad de Chile was ranked on the 2018 Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, for being at the top of the list in 19 areas of knowledge, eight in which it ranked the university  in the first place of Latin America. In addition, the university is considered as one of the world’s best institutions in 25 of the 54 areas observed. The classification made in July was a preview, before giving the universities the formal prize.

According to Universidad de Chile news site, the rate represents an improvement of 50% compared with the last year. Universidad de Chile also remarked that the classification has ranked the institution as a leader in the country for 15 years in a row.

54 areas of knowledge were analyzed using criteria based on level and statistics of academic articles citations, international cooperation, academic prizes, and personnel from the universities, evaluating quality of work and academic staff. Among the areas awarded in the international range are Computational Science, Mathematics, Transportation Science and Technology, Management, Political science, Economy, Business Administration, Earth Sciences, and more.

Regarding the national categories, Universidad de Chile received recognition in Mining and Mineral Engineering, Odontology, Atmospheric Sciences, Biotechnology and Ecology. According to the dean of the university, Ennio Vivaldi, “this classification is a great relevance parameter for our work, due to its prestige, and because it evaluates the development of every institution in different disciplines in an objective way, based on evidence and results.”

University record in Latin American context

·         Computational Science (world place 301-400)

·         Mathematics (place 201-300)

·         Management (place 201-300)

·         Transportation Science and Technology (place 101-150)

·         Political Sciences (place 201-300)

·         Economy (place 201-300)

·         Enterprise Administration (place 201-300)

·         Earth Sciences (151-200)

University national record

·         Mining and Mineral Engineer (place 51-75)

·         Atmospheric Sciences (place 301-400)

·         Odontology (place 101-150)

·         Biology (place 301-400)

·         Pharmaceutical Sciences (place 301-400)

·         Agricultural Sciences (place 301-400)

·         Clinical Medicine (place 301-400)

·         Humanistic and Biological Sciences (place 401-500)

·         Ecology (place 301-400)

·         Environment Science and Technology (place 401-500)

·         Biotechnology (place 401-500)

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