Communist Mayor Daniel Jadue Denounces Intimidation

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RECOLETA – The Communist Party denounced the intimidation their party member Daniel Jadue, mayor of Recoleta, said he suffered on the way to work. According to Jadue, another driver followed him for at least 20 minutes, shouting death threats and making menacing maneuvers with his car. The investigative police have arrested a suspect and started an investigation.

The Chilean Communist Party issued a statement earlier this week that Recoleta Mayor Daniel Jadue had been verbally assaulted for at least 20 minutes on his way to his office. The Communist Party wrote, “the mayor was the victim of an intimidating persecution for at least twenty minutes, during which he also received death threats.”

According to Jadue himself, the conduct was more extensive. The suspect tried to block his way with his car. “He started shouting threats at me, I tried to lose him twice, but he waited for me and when we passed the part of the San Cristobal tunnel he tried to hit me,” Jadue said.

After Jadue filed a complaint with the investigative police (PDI), the authorities arrest the driver. The Communist Party wrote, “We highly value the prompt action of the PDI, and we hope that this act will be condemned in court.”

In its statement, the Communist Party also claimed that the arrested man was a civil officer who worked for the Chilean army. In response, the military flatly rejected the claim. “We categorically rule out the participation of any army official in the events that affected the aforementioned local authority,” the military’s statement read.

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