Spotlight on Frente Amplio’s division – feminist wave hits the revolutionary movement

SANTIAGO- Frente Amplio infighting  continues. After Movimiento Autonomista member Alfonso Mohor was suspended on harassment charges, a dispute with Revolución Democrática erupted and deepens divisions within the left-wing opposition coalition.

A rift in left-wing political coalition Frente Amplio continues to deepen. Suspending Movimiento Autonomista (MA) member and head of the influential Universidad de Chile Student Federation (FECh), Alfonso Mohor, has represented a breakpoint with fellow party Revolución Democrática (RD).

RD leaders demanded Mohor’s suspension on alleged cover up of a workplace harassment denouncement brought by engineering student center president Nicole Martínez, CNN Chile reported. Martínez charged that Mohor and FECh counselor Iván Zimmermann reacted negligently to the denouncement, which already led to Mohor’s suspension for three months.

RD member and Valparaíso’s mayor Jorge Sharp criticized his party. Sharp said the issue could turn into a before/after moment for the two parties. The mayor emphasized that relations in the coalition should not be based on subordination.

Universities and colleges taken by students in national feminist wave

Camilo Sánchez, president of Universidad de Chile’s youth communist wing asked the allies to work on an agreement. He warned about the outcomes that their division could cause in future elections. “Having the student leadership divided against a right-wing coalition that is united and ruling the country will represent an absolute defeat,” said Sánchez.

MA deputy Gabriel Boric, however, expressed his positive feelings about the relation between the two political parties. He said: “The relation between Movimiento Autonomista and Revolución Democrática is in the process of normalization. We are rebuilding the trust in each other because we have the certainty that the challenges we have to face for Chile are more important.”

Boric also supported Mohor, arguing that the accusations are unfair and his suspension out of proportion.

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