Ten People Shot During Protest, Two Policemen Arrested

LA FLORIDA – Ten people were shot during a protest against police violence in La Florida on Monday night. Immediately after the shooting, police arrested two suspects. Both suspects were off duty police officers under the influence of alcohol.

On the night of Apr. 27, in the municipality of La Florida, ten people got injured after shooters fired from a passing car in to a crowd of about 30 protesters. Policemen present managed to detain the car and arrest the passengers. Both passengers were policemen themselves, off duty and under the influence of alcohol. The Chilean police force said today that the two officers have been dismissed from the institution and that the national prosecutor will be opening an investigation.

The protest in La Florida was held against police violence committed by the Carabineros, who celebrate every Apr. 27 the creation of their institution. Before the curfew began, a vehicle stopped near the protesters and opened fire, injuring 10. All injured were taken to a nearby hospital, no one was in critical condition.

A Complex Investigation

La Florida Mayor Rodolfo Cárter went to the prosecutor’s office to personally press charges against whomever fired in to the crowd. He said “We need the Carabineros to safeguard public order and to respect human rights.” He also called for unity to defeat the pandemic and said “Events like this will only distract Chileans.”

Santiago prosecutor Omar Mérida, said “We hope to soon have the results of the investigation that will allow us to charge the individuals responsible for these acts.” He further added that this case would be treated as attempted homicide on 10 individuals. They also assured that at moment the two officers are being treated as the prime suspects.

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