NATIONAL Presidential Elections

The center-left’s citizen poll is underway

citizen poll

The Constituent Unity coalition is electing a presidential candidate. Voters can choose either Yasna Provoste, Paula Narváez, or Carlos Maldonado. This poll will be voluntary and only members of the coalition or those without political affiliation may participate.

A citizen poll is underway to elect the presidential candidate for center-left coalition Constituent Unity. Yasna Provoste, Paula Narváez, and Carlos Maldonado are running respectively for the Christian Democrats, the Socialist Party, and the Radical Party.

This election is not organized by national election watchdog Servel but the Constituent Unity coalition, so it doesn’t qualify as a primary.

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How it works

Since the poll doesn’t count as election, Saturday is not a public holiday. Those who work may therefore not be able to participate, unless they took the day off or got employer permission.

Also, the parties rely on voluntary helpers, contrary to official elections when Servel designates citizens to help with monitoring and vote counting.

Polling stations will be open from 9am to 6pm.

Anybody who is not a registered member of a right-wing party can vote, adhering to the usual rules of presenting their ID or passport.

The winner of the poll will run in the election in November against Gabriel Boric (Social Convergence party), Sebastián Sichel (right-wing independent), and candidates that still may register with SERVEL.

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