The Dogs of Colina: Five Heartwarming Tales of Survival

COLINA – Aperremos is an NGO dedicated to supporting the community in the rescue of abandoned animals, promoting their sterilization and responsible adoption, and teaching the public about proper pet ownership. Meet five adoptable dogs who have overcome tremendous odds to receive a second chance at living a fulfilled and healthy life.

Entering the gate of an Aperremos rescue home in Colina, I’m greeted by a pack of wagging tails and paws. One puppy, Chimuelo, excitedly drags himself to my side using his two front legs. He lost the use of his back legs after contracting distemper and was abandoned by his owners in a local cemetery. Now Chilmuelo has a second chance at living a healthy life. He is just one of over 200 animals that have been welcomed into the Aperremos family.

Aperremos is a community-supported animal rescue and rehabilitation center. Since 2018, the organization has helped 181 animals find loving families. Five volunteers offer their homes to abandoned and injured dogs, providing them with food, shelter, and medical treatment. Their mission is to promote the responsible adoption and sterilization of pets while teaching the public about proper pet care.

The puppies and dogs are rescued from Colina and surrounding areas. Most have suffered abuse, abandonment, and severe injuries. “Some of the dogs were thrown onto the highway, others we have found in fields or hit by cars on the side of the road,” says Romina, a volunteer. 

Aperremos does not receive government aid. Volunteers primarily support the organization using their own funds with the occasional gift from their local and online networks. Most of their rescues require medical care, and Veterinaria Anuqara has played an instrumental role by offering discounted veterinary services. 

The organization relies on local support to achieve its mission. Aperremos has a dedicated group of volunteers, however, there is a constant demand to expand rescue services. The operation depends on charitable contributions, donations of medical and care supplies, foster families, and permanent homes. 

Meet five adoptable members of the Aperremos family who are looking for their “fur-ever” families:

Niza was abandoned with multiple wounds and a fractured leg. She was dumped in an industrial site, malnourished, and covered with mange. After an operation and weeks of healing, she is cheerful, has a newfound love of carrots, and is ready to meet her family!



Larry is one of the newest rescues. He and his brothers were rescued at three weeks old in a local industrial park after an employee reached out to volunteers. 



Sebastían is the longest-standing member of the Aperremos family. At eight-weeks-old, he was found wrapped in a plastic bag, barely clinging to life. Finding a home for adult dogs is challenging. The team has cared for him since 2018 and will continue to do so until he finds his new family.


Mac was hit by a motorcycle and sustained serious injuries. His physical and mental healing process has been a long journey, but with medical treatments and the support of a behavioral specialist, he is becoming healthier and more trusting each day. 



Arriving at Aperremos, Nehuen was malnourished with a broken nose and tail, which he sustained at the hands of his previous owner. When volunteers arrived to rescue him, Nehuen’s two siblings were dead. After weeks of treatment, he is a happy, calm, and affectionate pup who loves the sunshine and smiles when receiving head scratches.  

How You Can Help

Are you searching for a new four-legged family member? Submit an online form here. A volunteer will contact you for a phone interview and to arrange a time to meet your new best friend. Aperremos is committed to responsible adoptions to find homes that fit each dog’s personality and needs.

Want to support Aperremos? Follow @aperremos on Instagram and Facebook, and share their posts with your network. The rescue accepts the following donations:

  • Funds for medical bills and care
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Medicine
  • Blankets
  • Dog houses

Have questions? Reach out to Aperremos on social media or email the organization at:

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