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The Latest: Chile Struck by Nationwide Protests

When students began protesting the latest subway fare hikes one week ago, nobody thought the protests could bring the country to heel. But by evening rush hour on October 19, protesters hit the metro so hard that the entire service shut down for security reason. Then barricades and corporate buildings but also metro stations went up in flames. President Piñera decreed a State of Emergency late at night and by morning armed troops guarded hotspots in Santiago.

But during Saturday, clashes erupted and the military took a more forceful stance. Stay up to date with the latest developments below:


#ChileDesperto Military rushing through and affluent district in #Santiago. #StateOfEmergency

#ChileDesperto Military rushing through and affluent district in #Santiago. #StateOfEmergency

Posted by Chile Today on Saturday, October 19, 2019


#ChileDesperto Protests in upscale #Providencia, #Santiago

Posted by Chile Today on Saturday, October 19, 2019

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