Torrential Rain Ravages Los Lagos Region And Kills Four

PUERTO MONTT – A Code Red Alert in de city of Puerto Montt, people isolated, classes suspended, and roads flooded. Heavy rainfall has caused severe damage in Los Lagos region in the south of Chile. In four other regions, a preventive weather alert was issued.

After heavy rainfall affected Los Lagos region on Wednesday, the city of Puerto Montt was completely overwhelmed by the large amounts of water. According to authorities, in just hours as much as 180 mm rain fell. They issued a Code Red Alert for the city of Puerto Montt, and a weather alert for the entire region.

The large amounts of rain caused the Chico River to overflow. Roads and bridges in the region were blocked by mudslides and in Puerto Montt houses and streets were flooded. Classes for today have been suspended.

The international route to Argentina (Ch-215) is still impassable due to the rocks and mud the rains flushed over the road. For the coming days, more rain has been predicted in the southern regions.

Authorities said four people were killed during the rains. In Ancud, 10 families remain isolated as they are surrounded by water. At least 477 people in 64 houses have been affected by the rain.

Juan Andrés Fontaine, the Minister for Public Works, has visited the area to monitor the damage. The Chilean Air Force made this video from a helicopter:

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