Two Mapuche killed during assault on farmer in Ercilla

ERCILLA – During an assault on the property of a farmer in the commune of Ercilla, two Mapuche men have died. They were shot by the farmer himself when trespassing, local police reports. Journalists were blocked entrance to the commune after the shooting.

On Tuesday night, three people in Pidima, in the commune of Ercilla, entered the property of a farmer. Only one left alive, after the farmer opened fire for being threatened by the trespassers with guns. Although the local police treat the event as robbery, it should be noted that the three men belonged to the Mapuche community Cacique José Guiñón, while the farmer is part of the Boyen Mapu community. Violence between Mapuche in the Araucanía region is not uncommon.

After arriving in a van and entering the property of the farmer, carrying firearms, the farmer shot at the three men, wounding two of them deadly. The two victims are Jorge Mariman Loncomilla and Matías Cariqueo Loncomilla, stepson and son of the lonko José Cariqueo Saravia, according to Cooperativa.

After the assault, community members blocked all access for journalists, which is why media has not been able to discover the background of the events. The police have been able to enter the town of Pidima, escorted by Special Forces and members of the Investigative Police (PDI), who have announced an investigation.

Chilean police investigates mysterious death of Mapuche chief in Ercilla

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