Coronavirus in Chile

UPDATE: These Are the New Quarantines in Chile

Minsal giving the quarantines

The Health Ministry is following a dynamic quarantine strategy. It comprises quarantining areas with most confirmed infections and releasing those where numbers have dropped. During the week, the number of quarantines could change in case of new outbreaks that require sudden decisions.

Confirmed coronavirus cases have surpassed the 10,000 mark, plus nearly 5,000 recovered. For municipalities where numbers have fallen, the Health Ministry will lift quarantines. But others will continue and new areas have been added.

Numbers for the Metropolitan Region have remained flat recently. Yet, the area also concentrates over half of all Covid-19 cases. Meanwhile, new cases emerged in Antofagasta and Magallanes regions, and the number of cases in Araucanía Region increased.


Full quarantines will continue in some districts of the capital and partial ones will take effect in others. From Apr. 23, new quarantines will also be imposed.

The partial quarantine in Ñuñoa will cover the district’s northern part but not the south, with Grecia Avenue serving as dividing line.

Similarly, the north of Santiago Center will be quarantined but not the south.

Puente Alto is divided along a west-east axis, with only the west put under quarantine.

The northern part of San Bernardo will be quarantined, plus the adjacent El Bosque neighborhood. The limit in the north is Lo Espejo district, in the east San Francisco Street, Colón Street in the south, and the Ruta 5 Sur highway to the west.

Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Quinta Normal will be quarantined but in Independencia district only the area between Gamero Avenue and the Mapocho River.

Independencia is the first district to get a second quarantine, after a previous one had been lifted.

Other Regions

Arica’s urban sector will remain under quarantine. This is the only northern city affected by this measure.

Quarantines for Punta Arenas, Magallanes Region; Osorno, Los Lagos Region; and Temuco, Araucanía Region are being extended for at least one more week.

Meanwhile, Chillán and Chillán Viejo, both in Ñuble Region, will have their quarantines lifted.

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