UPDATE: Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leaves Chilean Embassy

CARACAS – Leopoldo López, the Venezuelan opposition leader who entered the Chilean diplomatic residence yesterday, has moved to the Spanish embassy. Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero announced this on Twitter. According to Ampuero, because of a “personal decision.”

López was freed yesterday morning by soldiers loyal to Juan Guaidó. He appeared next to the interim-president in a video that was released from a military base. In that video, Guaidó announced that “the last phase of Operation Freedom” had started, triggering clashes between protesters and military men loyal to Guaidó  and the Venezuelan National Guard.

BREAKING: Guaidó Of Venezuela Claims Military Uprising Against Maduro

During those protests, Leopoldo López went to the Chilean diplomatic residence, after his wife and daughter had entered there as guests. Today, Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero wrote on Twitter that López and his family left the residence for the Spanish embassy, as the Chilean residence “already had guests.” He justified the choice for the Spanish embassy, since López and his family are of Spanish descent.

Call For New Protests Today

For today, interim-president Juan Guaidó has called for another day of protests. In a video posted on his Youtube account, the 35-year-old leader said that “We knew that the start was not going to be easy, but we showed that there are soldiers willing to defend the constitution, and many more remain.”

Guaidó added that Nicolás Maduro had a plane ready to leave the country when the protests broke out yesterday. This was already stated by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


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