Uribe trial hits roadblock

MEDELLIN – A session scheduled by the supreme court for September 3 regarding ex-president Uribe’s trial has been cancelled. Uribe’s lawyer Jaime Granados challenged three high magistrates that are investigating the former president,  accusing them of leaking confidential information to the press.

After he resigned from the senate last week, former president Álvaro Uribe is to face trial for the felonies he is accused of. But Uribe’s defense alleged that three judges leaked records regarding to the case, so the inquiry session scheduled for September 3 was cancelled.

Uribe’s lawyer Granados said “We have knowledge about different journalists who have confidential information related to the case, but no one except the court had access to that information, which was leaked to the press.”

The ex-president hasn’t commented on the leaked records, but he said he shouldn’t be accused of influence peddling; he just wanted to dismantle the judicial trap set up for him. “The important thing is that the truth can be brought to light. Neither my lawyers, nor I have committed any crime. The only thing I have done is to exercise my right to take apart false declarations,” Uribe said.

Meanwhile, the supreme court informed that “regarding the official investigation of the two congressmen for procedure fraud and bribery, the appeal court will start receiving more than 30 testimonies and extended declarations on August 10. The presentation of all that evidence will be yielded in presence of the two accused’s lawyers, and the designated general attorney agent.”

During a press conference, Uribe reaffirmed that he doesn’t question the court’s competence in this case. “One of the magistrate’s vagueness is that I renounced my senate post to avoid evidence against me.”

According to news el Colombiano former president Uribe contacted people abroad to convince Juan Carlos Sierra to receive money in exchange for recording a video speaking well of him. If proven guilty, Uribe could face a 12-year sentence.


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