Venezuelans in two year largest group of immigrants in Chile

SANTIAGO – The number of Venezuelan immigrants has grown explosively in the last two years in Chile, making the Venezuelan community the largest foreign community in Chile. The Peruvian community takes the second place, whilst the Haitian community also notes a strong growth. Both average income and employment rate under immigrants are above the Chilean average.

Taking in considering the staggering humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, that has made millions of Venezuelans leave their country, the numbers don´t come as a real surprise. But still, the rise of 67 percent in the number of Venezuelans in Chile illustrates the huge influx of immigrants Chile is experiencing. Where two years ago the largest foreign community in Chile was the Peruvians, today they have been surpassed by the Venezuelans.

The Haitian community has quintupled in the last two years, making it the fourth largest migrant group in Chile. Currently, following the latest numbers, there are 76,278 Haitians living in Chile. The most recent Economic and Social Characterization Survey (Casen 2017) has shown that there are currently 777,407 people from other countries, 4.4 percent of the total population, living in Chile, a rise of 1.7 percent in just eleven years.

On both average income and employment rate immigrants in Chile do better than Chileans themselves. The average monthly income for immigrants in Chile is CLP$ 587,174 pesos, an amount that exceeds that of Chileans (CLP$ 512,936 pesos) and the national average (CLP$ 516,892 pesos). 75,3 percent of immigrants in Chile are currently employed, which exceeds by far the national employment rate, that is currently on 54,8 percent and has been going down even more under the current Piñera administration.

Countries struggle to manage Venezuelan migration

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