Weezer Brings ‘West Coast Punk’ a Bit Farther South

SANTIAGO – Last night (June 24), after making fans here wait 25 years, Weezer finally made it to Chile. It was worth the wait. A Chile Today Concert Review from a passionate fan.

At Movistar arena in Parque O’Higgins, crowds gathered well before the doors opened at 7 p.m. to ensure they got prime position at the front of the stage. Outside the usual smattering of people selling homemade Weezer T-shirts, lanyards, and bandanas could be seen. Inside the 12,000 capacity venue was the single “=W=” emblazoned high above the drum riser on stage. Later in the night it would turn into a spectacular light show but at the start of the show it just teased what was to come. 

Local Openers: Protistas

The Santiago-based band ‘Protistas’ opened the evening with a welcome blend of chilled but powerful indie tunes which they’ve been making together since 2008. Protistas next play at the Centro Cultural Rojas Magallanes in Santiago on October 19 and are certainly worth catching. 

Spectacular Chile Debut

Around 9:30 p.m. the lights went dark, the “=W=” lit up, and, almost without even realizing it, fans were hit straight away with an awesome rendition of one of Weezer’s biggest hits, “Buddy Holly.” The hits came thick and fast, “Beverly Hills,” “If you’re wondering if I want you to,” “Surf Wax America,” and “Island in the Sun,” with only a brief pause for Rivers Cuomo to dust off his Spanish with a welcome to his adoring fans.  

As well as the obvious favorites from the “Blue album” and “Pinkerton,” they also debuted their latest song from the upcoming “Van Weezer” album, “The End of the Game.” It’s a fantastically outrageous song that opens with Rivers’ finger tapping on his White Gibson SG, reminiscent of the band “Kiss” that he loves so much. It felt like a proper Weezer song and generated excitement for the new album.

The song and the concert in general demonstrate Weezer’s excellence: tight songwriting, heavy-heavy guitars, and beautifully melodic and soft vocals. In fact, these soft vocals were put to the test with a lovely barber shop rendition of “Buddy Holly,” the crowd was caught in two minds: whether to sing along or just listen to the unique moment. 

Weezer is also famous for cover songs and didn’t disappoint. Fans were treated to “Longview” by Green Day, “Lithium” by Nirvana, and “Africa” by Toto, just to name a few. 

It was a spectacular night that left fans wanting more.

Hella Mega Tour

Unfortunately, although the band just announced that it would be joining the “Hella Mega Tour” with Green Day and Fall Out Boy in 2020, the only scheduled performance dates are in Europe and the United States. In the meantime, Weezer fans here are eager to see a repeat performance in Chile and hope this doesn’t mean another 25-year wait.

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