Coronavirus in Chile

What Are The New Quarantines in Chile?

The Ministry of Health has updated quarantines throughout the country. Some locations that weren’t previously in quarantine now are, others that have been in quarantine will soon be out, and still others will simply see their quarantines continue. As the week continues, the quarantine count may change yet again, if new outbreaks require sudden decisions.

COVID-19 confirmed cases in Chile have been increasing at a steady pace. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health has decided to lift the quarantines for some less-affected municipalities, like Easter Island. At the same time, the Ministry has also applied quarantines to only portions of certain municipalities.

Numbers in the Metropolitan Region are currently stalling, but those in the Araucanía region are increasing, in part due to two different outbreaks that occurred in two different cities. Easter Island is holding steady at only three confirmed cases.

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Metropolitan Region

In the Metropolitan Region, the quarantine zone was renewed until Apr. 13, for the six municipalities currently in quarantine. On that day however, it will be lifted in Lo Barnechea, Providencia, and Vitacura. Las Condes will be the only municipality that will continue under complete lockdown until Apr. 16. The other two, Ñuñoa and Santiago Center, will continue under partial quarantine until Apr. 16. In addition, the western half of the municipality of Puente Alto will be placed in quarantine until Apr. 16.

Ñuñoa’s quarantine zone will be centered in the northern half of the municipality. The dividing line is Greece Avenue: everything north, in quarantine; everything south, out.

Santiago Center is also divided in two at Blanco Encalada Street and Matta Avenue: everything north, in; everything south, out.

Puente Alto is divided west and east at Vicuña Mackenna Avenue and Concha y Toro Avenue: everything west, in; everything east, out.

Other Regions

Punta Arenas, in the Magallanes Region, has had its quarantine extended until Apr. 15, and so to Padre Las Casa and Temuco, in the Araucanía Region. The city of Nueva Imperial, also in the Araucanía Region, was also placed in quarantine until Apr. 15.

In the Biobío Region, Hualpén and San Pedro de La Paz will continue under quarantine until Apr. 13. In the Ñuble Region, Chillan and Chillan Viejo will have their quarantines extended until Apr. 13.

In Easter Island, although the quarantine was lifted, a sanitary customs checkpoint has been implemented to prevent another outbreak of the disease.


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