Who is Iván Duque, Colombia’s new president?

BOGOTÁ – Iván Duque Márquez, president-elect of Colombia, promises to give all his strength to unite the country. The Democratic Center party’s candidate is the leader that around 53.95% of Colombians have chosen to take on corruption. “Our principal aim will be the frontal war against corruption” said Duque after winning the race.

Iván Duque Márquez, 41 years old, was elected as the President of Colombia for the 2018-2022 presidential term. Duque belongs to the Democratic Center, a political party founded by former President Álvaro Uribe Velez and other politicians. The new president promises to cut down corporate taxes to improve Colombia’s economy. Besides, Duque wants to modify parts of the peace treaty with the FARC.

Interviewed by Bloomberg, Duque expressed his enthusiasm for boosting Colombia’s economy by enhancing international trade. As candidate the president-elect emphasized that the economy of a country doesn’t need limitations related to free trade. In Duque’s opinion, putting additional tariffs on trade just hurts the economy. “I believe that we need to strengthen commercial ties, we need Colombia to participate actively in abrogated value chains, and we also want to expand and diversify our export offer to the USA.”

His experience in the international field seems to be the arm that Duque can use to promote Colombia as an important investment destination. But security, according to his declarations after the election, would be another goal. Duque defined security as democratic value that allows the country to build a better society, in which people can be free of fear.

Related to the peace treaty with the FARC, the elected president isn’t intending to rip up the peace accord. But he does think of a stop-impunity agenda. Related to that Duque expressed his opposition against members of the guerrilla as candidates for the presidency and congress without having paid for their crimes, and as cocaine production is rising, the war against drug smuggling will be another target.

Ivan Duque started his career as a consultant in the Andean Development Corporation, a bank services corporation. After that, he became an adviser to the Finance Ministry during Andrés Pastrana’s presidential term (1998-2002). In addition, Duque served his country as a senator and was voted best Colombian senator two years in a row. As an international advisor to Álvaro Uribe Velez, he promoted the defense of democracy and he also promoted Colombia abroad.

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