Wife of ex-colleague accuses actor Ramón Llao of child abuse

SANTIAGO – Chilean actor Ramón Llao is being accused of child abuse. A colleague’s ex-wife denounced Llao three months ago for allegedly raping her five-year-old son. Llao insists that “the accusation is completely fake.”

Ramón Llao (50) became famous through appearances in Chilean TV shows like Transantiaguinos, Los Simuladores, Mi Bella Genio, and Huaiquimán y Tolosa. From 2007 to 2009 he hosted a TV program called Entre Comunas, on LivTV. Now, the actor is at the center of a sexual abuse scandal involving a minor as a colleague’s ex-wife accused Llao of raping her five-year-old son.

Daily La Tercera revealed that the public ministry has started an investigation. But Llao said that “the accusation is completely fake. I am trying to remember, but I just can’t find any inkling of why are they accusing me of. I can’t recognize what I didn’t do,” Llao said.

He told news outlet 24 Horas that the only explanation he has is that the child might have been manipulated. Moreover, he maintained that he didn’t even learn of the accusation until last week, when the La Tercera journalist writing the story called him.

According to Llao, the abuse supposedly happened behind a dog house. Yet, the actor has only a small dog that sleeps inside the house and doesn’t have a dog house. “Nothing could have happened in a place that doesn’t exist,” he said.

The other side

According to the mother, her son showed hypersexual behavior in 2017, especially while playing with a friend in a mall. After that, the parents took him to a psychologist, who found that the child had been abused. But the woman consulted with a family member also, who thought that sometimes children start sexual exploration and act accordingly around that age.

But then the child behaved the same way with new neighbors after the family moved places. This time, however, the behavior was more explicit, and the child told his mother about sexual episodes with an adult. During a therapy, the child not only reiterated that sexual episodes occurred behind a dog house, but also named Ramón Llao as the adult in question.

According to daily La Tercera, the mother said that many of the episodes took place after Llao allegedly offered the child money. Furthermore, the child said that the actor abused him while other adults were present in another part of Llao’s house for ordinary social meet-ups.

Previous violence

In 2000, Llao engaged in domestic violence. After his then-partner Chilean actress Claudia Moreno received a call from an ex-lover, Llao abused her for three hours verbally and physically. Llao publicly admitted to having beaten Moreno, stating that “it was something that shouldn’t have happened.” Moreno went to the police almost two years later but was told she couldn’t denounce Llao because her injures were now impossible to verify.


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