Gunshots amid 3-day funeral terrify Viña del Mar neighborhood

A funeral involving gunshots and fireworks has kept residents of Villa Independencia on alert for days. Police have not intervened for fear of causing a confrontation. As crime has skyrocketed, such funerals have become increasingly common in the country.

A three-day funeral is leaving residents of Viña del Mar’s Villa Independencia sector terrified.

The funeral was held for two men who were shot in Quintero on Saturday under what local media described as confusing circumstances. More details were not provided.

The parents of the two men wanted the funeral to include fireworks and gunshots. The ceremony started Saturday night and terrified residents still on Tuesday midday, when the burial took place at Los Pensamientos cemetery.

News outlet Biobío Chile reported a resident as saying that “for three days we haven’t been able to sleep, there’s been machine guns, fireworks and shooting since Saturday. A projectile dropped into my house.” Police patrolled the area but largely observed the funeral from afar to not provoke a confrontation, an officer told Biobío Chile. However, after four arrests have been made at a later stage.

While terrifying local residents, funerals involving gunshots and fireworks have been dubbed narco funerals and are held by gangs and crime families.

These funerals are increasingly common across Chile, although a police protocol exists for such cases and arrests are sometimes made. 

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